Updated March 30, 2020

Darien Telephone is offering Free WiFi Hotspots in Darien and Eulonia.

The two Wifi locations are the parking lots at the old Wendy’s building in the Darien Outlet Mall and in the McIntosh County Health Department on Hwy 57 in Eulonia.   The buildings are not open to the public and there are no public restrooms.  Please remain in your vehicles and keep social distancing.

This is an open WiFi and we encourage people to not put their personal information out there. This is Strictly for educational and connectivity purposes.

To Connect to the WiFi Hotspots:

  1. At the location, DTC WiFi will show up in available networks
  2. Tap, touch or click DTC WiFi
  3. It will send you to the Darien Telephone Company’s Facebook Page
  4. Click “Skip Check-In” or login to your Facebook page
  5. That’s it. Your device is connected to the Internet.

We know the importance at times like this, to keep you connected via Internet, TV and phone. If you think you have another issue with your service, other than speeds, please call 437-4111.

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