You can’t afford NOT to have it!

Inside Wire Maintenance – Affordable Protection!

Accidents and corrosion are just a few of the things that can damage your inside telephone and cable wiring. But here on the coast, the leading cause of damage to inside wiring is lightning strikes from daily thunderstorms. Without protection, you could end up with an expensive repair bill.

Fortunately, Inside Wire Maintenance plans are available for a low monthly fee. Normally, Darien Telephone Company and Darien Communications are responsible only for maintaining your outside telephone and cable wiring. However, when you sign up for Inside Wire Maintenance protection, we will also maintain your inside wiring.*

wiringTelephone Line Maintenance Plan…………….$3.50 per month
Cable Wiring Maintenance Plan……………….$2.50 per month
Get both and save $1.00 per month!

Telephone Line AND Cable Wiring Maintenance Plans
$5.00 per month

To subscribe, or if you have questions, please call our Customer Service Representatives at (912) 437-4111.

* If you are a PBX or Key System customer, please call for information on maintenance plans for these systems.  It does not cover pets, rodents, squirrels and vermin damage.