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Backup and Manage Files

MyBackup provides automated storage in a secure location that prevents loss of data. Darien Communications’ MyBackup provides a safe and secure storage facility for storing text documents, photos, web pages, spreadsheets and other files. Storing critical files on MyBackup reduces the risk and impact of malicious attacks, viruses, hardware problems, accidental deletion or damaged equipment.

MyBackUp combines the security of network storage with the convenience of a local drive. You can drag and drop or copy files to and from the network drive server using Windows Explorer. MyBackUp allows secure transfer, storage and access of these files without a learning curve. Automated PC back–ups can be scheduled on a regular basis. 10Mb of storage comes FREE with every Darien Communications Internet account.

Additional storage is available:

500MB for $1.25 per month

$2.00 per GB (1GB, 5GB, 10GB, 20GB, 50GB) per month.


MySecurity Suite

Internet Security

It is important to protect personal computers as well as personal information while using the Internet. To accomplish this, Darien Communications offers MySecurity Suite – a package of security controls designed to automatically detect and prevent a wide variety of threats that are common to Internet use today.

MySecurity Suite contains a personal firewall that makes your computer invisible to hackers, as well as Anti-Spyware and Anti-virus protection with an automatic update feature that keeps signature libraries current. It also contains a pop-up blocker, as well as identity and privacy protection to prevent personal data from leaving your computer. It protects your instant messages so they cannot be monitored, preventing identity theft. MySecurity Suite also protects personal computers from hackers scanning wireless networks.

MySecurity Suite (1 PC) – $4.50

MySecurity Suite – Family (up to 3 PCs) – $5.00

Coming Soon: Parental controls for content and time blocks.


Web Hosting

Darien Communications offers Web hosting plans to individuals and business customers. Our Web hosting can provide you with an affordable solution to establish or enhance your online presence.

Package Web Space Monthly Cost
Basic Web Hosting 250 Mb $10.00
Advanced Web Hosting 400 Mb $15.00
Business Web Hosting 700 Mb $25.00

$50 set–up fee applies on all Web Hosting plans.