Business Internet

Business Internet with Telephone

25 Mbps

  • With Telephone*

50 Mbps

  • With Telephone*

100 Mbps

  • With Telephone*

Business Internet (No Telephone)

25 Mbps

  • Data Only

50 Mbps

  • Data Only

100 Mbps

  • Data Only
*Telephone services not included in monthly rate.
The rates above do not include installation, regulated government fees, franchised fees and applicable taxes.  Many factors affect internet speed and actual speeds may vary.  All services not available in all areas.
  • 100Mb of email storage
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Authentication
  • Newsgroup access
  • Spam Filtering

Spam filtering is an exclusive and proven spam filtering system to remove unwanted email messages. Darien’s solution eliminates unsolicited spam from user’s inboxes and stores them in the Greymail quarantine area. The spam filtering system is updated in real
–time with new spam signatures and provides unparalleled flexibility through spam filter control settings.

  • Virus Protection

Darien’s virus protection system checks all inbound and outbound email for known viruses and quarantines all email that contains viruses. The system notifies users when viruses are detected, yielding a higher level of customer service. Darien’s virus signature databases are automatically updated with the latest known virus signatures.

  • Greymail

Greymail is Darien Communications’ quarantine area for email that is determined to be spam or contain viruses. Greymail allows the user to review these emails in case regular email has inadvertently been labeled as spam. Users can receive daily or weekly summaries of their Greymail contents.

  • Virus Scanning (Inbound and Outbound)
  • Videomail
  • Webmail

Webmail allows users to access their email from any Web browser anywhere in the world. Users can read mail, create and send messages, manage contact lists, reply to or forward email and set up folders to store email on centralized servers. Darien’s webmail also contains a personal calendar, notepad, reminder service, and access to Greymail to check messages flagged as spam or containing a virus.

  • Email Forwarders
  • Email Aliases
  • 10Mb of Backup Storage

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Your Business May Already Be Wired
If your business is already wired for Darien Communications Cable TV and you have an existing outlet near your computer, you are ready for Internet access. If your business is located in an area served by Darien’s Cable TV but have not yet signed up — or even if you are located in an area not served by our Cable TV — we CAN still provide High-Speed Internet