LineStyles™ uses the latest technology in calling features to help you “style your line to fit your life.”

With so many different calling features to choose from, we’ve grouped them into four “lifestyle” categories to make your selection easier! Find your lifestyle for work and we’ve got a LineStyle. You may choose any number of LineStyles features in any combination. Choose one or choose them all!

Click on a group heading for details on individual features.callfeatures

Stay In Touch
Voice Mail
Voice Mail e-forward
Voice Mail Notification Call
Voice Mail Paging
3-Way Calling
Speed Call 8 or 30
Call Waiting
Call Return
Repeat Dialing

Protect Your Privacy
Caller ID- Name & Number
Special Call Acceptance
Call Screening
Call Rejection

Be In Control
Personal Ringing
Priority Ringing
Do Not Disturb
Toll Restriction with PIN Override
Call Hold
Warm Line

Follow-Me Phone
Call Forwarding – Variable
Remote Activation of Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding Busy Line
Call Forwarding No Answer
Preferred Call Forwarding
Call Transfer

Reach your top clients and vendors quickly with Speed Call 8 or 30.

Need to control costs on customer courtesy phones? Try
Toll Restriction with PIN Override.

Do you frequently work alone or at night? Use Warm Line for added security.

Want certain clients to reach you after hours or on your cell phone? TryPreferred Call Forwarding.

To sign up, e-mail us or contact us. For additional information and groupings, ask for our LineStyles brochure.