Darien Telephone Company, Inc. (“DTC”) will adhere to the following guidelines set forth by Congress and the FCC. DTC will encourage broadband deployment and maintain network openness and interconnection with respect to the public Internet. DTC recognizes that all consumers are entitled to access the lawful Internet content and application of their choice without unfair or discriminatory bandwidth restrictions. Accordingly, DTC offers all broadband subscribers open access to the Internet. DTC has no traffic shaping equipment in place and does not discriminate against nor preclude any legal use of services or legal access to content or to any application. DTC will ensure that all projects funded through BIP will provide open access to the public Internet making no use of the funding toward any entirely private closed network. Any parties requesting access through BIP funded projects will be offered interconnection, when technically feasible, pursuant to the NECA interstate access tariff just as Darien offers service to Darien Communications, a subsidiary of Darien Telephone Company.

Our network equipment is based on standard IP and Ethernet technology. Customers may connect to and use any lawful devices that do not harm the network. Interconnection with the public Internet and alternative service providers will be through IP/Ethernet ports on the proposed network. Each service provider will be assigned its own unique Ethernet VLAN for controlling and managing its traffic through the network. The network equipment provides a standards-based mechanism for controlling priority and Quality of Service for traffic in the network. All VLANs from all service providers, including the applicant, carrying the same type of service traffic (for example: best effort Internet access) will receive identical, non-discriminating priority and handling through the network.

General network management practices include multiple net screen analyzers and packet sniffers. All network interfaces are monitored for traffic anomalies, errors, and bandwidth usage. All inbound e-mail to DTC addresses are filtered for virus and spam detection. All interconnection, non-discrimination, network management and openness practices and policies already in place meet or exceed FCC guidelines.