Residential Cable TV – Pay-Per-View

//Residential Cable TV – Pay-Per-View
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Today’s hits delivered to your home!


Watch the latest blockbuster movies, sports, concerts and special events on Darien’s Pay-Per-View service. With 11 channels to choose from, you can enjoy television premiers of first-run movies and other great entertainment in your own home on your own schedule. A variety of sports – including championship boxing, wrestling, soccer and professional sports packages – make Pay-Per-View a sports lover’s paradise!

For about the same price as you can rent a movie, you can order Pay-Per-View and get all these great advantages – without the hassles of going to the video store!

  • Order from the convenience of your home
  • Get blockbuster movies that won’t be out of stock
  • No waiting in line
  • No tapes to rewind and return
  • No late fees
  • Just sit back and enjoy!

How to order Pay-Per-View

To order Pay-Per-View, Simply go to iNDEMAND channels 501-561 to make your selection and follow the on-screen instructions. Then sit back and enjoy! Your Pay-Per-View selection will conveniently be added to your monthly Darien Cable TV bill.

How to See What’s Playing

Previews of Pay-Per-View movies can be viewed on channel 500 on your Darien Digital channel lineup. With the Digital tier, you get an Interactive Program Guide (IPG) that lets you find out what is on your television and view a list of upcoming programs for any date during the next seven days. You can browse by date, time, theme and title. You can set a timer to remind you of your favorite programs to watch! Security features such as Parental Controls and Pay-Per-View PIN options are also available. For more information,
call our Customer Service Representatives at 437-4111.