You can’t afford NOT to have it!


Did you know that Darien Telephone Company and Darien Communications only maintain telephone lines and cable wiring outside of your home? If something were to happen to the wires on the INSIDE, you would be responsible for the cost of repairs.

wiringWires can become damaged by many things: lightning, corrosion, accidents, pets, rodents, squirrels and vermin. That’s why we offer Inside Wire Maintenance Plans. It’s like getting insurance on your inside wires. You pay only a small monthly fee, and, should something happen to your inside wires and jacks, we will pay the entire cost to repair them. (Inside Wire Maintenance only applies to existing wires and jacks that have been properly installed.)

Telephone Line Maintenance Plan…………….$3.50 per month
Cable Wiring Maintenance Plan……………….$2.50 per month
Get both and save $1.00 per month!

Telephone Line AND Cable Wiring Maintenance Plans
$5.00 per month

To subscribe, or if you have questions, please call us at (912) 437-4111.